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QGIS 2.12 released

QGIS 2.12 released

QGIS 2.12 Lyon

QGIS 2.12 "Lyon" was released on October 26 and is available for download. Lyon was the host for the April 2012 developer meeting. It is a normal 4-month release. We recommend organizations, who want more stable versions, to still use QGIS 2.8 LT (long term support release). Meanwhile, QGIS 2.8 received the third bugfix release and will be supported by QGIS.ORG for at least a year.

QGIS 2.12 contains a lot of new functions and improvements. Here is a list of a few highlights:

  • Editing
    • Editing of circular arcs in supported data formats (Postgis, GML, WFS)
    • Tool to test geometries for errors, along with a tool to repair the geometries
    • (topological) editing of GRASS7 vector data
  • Data Providers/Databases
    • Encrypted storage of passwords with manager for passwords and certificates
    • Support of compound primary keys in Postgis
    • DB-Manager: export to OGR supported vector formats, support for Oracle, import of "selected only" features
    • GRASS plugin: support of GRASS 7 in browser
  • QGIS Server
    • Python Plugin Support in QGIS Server
    • DXF Export in QGIS Server (and Web Client)
  • Attribute Tables/Forms
    • Relative paths for images and files in attribute table and forms/widgets
    • Conditional formatting of rows and cells in attribute table
  • Print Composer
    • Color background for rows and columns, even/odd, first, last and header for tables in print composer
    • Automatic text wrapping for fixed width columns in tables in print composer
    • Atlas: support of data-defined layer visibility and style combinations
    • Atlas: improvement of navigation with drop-down box and named pages (based on fields or expressions)
  • Symbology and Labeling
    • Concentric circles in the point displacement renderer
    • Support of pixel as distance units in symbology and labelling
    • Rule based labeling
    • Various label improvements, e.g. easier of use of obstacle layers, more data-defined label placement properties
  • General
    • Variables: global and project specific. Can be used in expressions and in print composer
    • New welcome screen with list of recent projects
    • Advanced settings/properties editor for all settings in QGIS
    • New and improved expressions
  • Various improvements for Python developers

Please consult the QGIS 2.12 visual changelog for further details with descriptions and screenshots of the new and improved features.

We'd like to thank or donors and sponsors. Your contributions help fix bugs, run the QGIS.ORG infrastructure and develop new features.

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