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QGIS 2.4 "Chugiak" released

QGIS 2.4 "Chugiak" released

QGIS 2.4 "Chugiak" Splashscreen

We are pleased to announce QGIS version 2.4 "Chugiak". The name "Chugiak" is an hommage to the founder of the QGIS project who lives in "Chugiak" (Alaska).

The most important improvement in this version is the multi-threaded renderer. The rendering can now be interrupted during navigation at any time, the user interface is not blocked by zooming and panning. In addition, rendering should be faster for more complex projects. One can specify the update interval in milliseconds and how many cores QGIS can use for the rendering. Layers can now be rendered in parallel in multiple cores.

Further improvements are concerning symbology, labeling and the print composer. The list of improvements can be found in this visual changelog. The current QGIS version can be downloaded from the Website of the QGIS project.

We express our gratitude to all who supported the project through their development work, testing, documentation, bug fixing and financial contributions.

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