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QGIS Anwendergruppe Schweiz - Groupe d'utilisateurs QGIS Suisse - Swiss QGIS User Group
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Sponsoring projects 2016

According to the online-voting of the Swiss QGIS user group, the following two sponsoring projects will be supported in 2016 with 5'000 CHF each:

  • QGIS 3.0 "PyQGIS Updater"
  • Geopackage improvements

Besides these two accepted projects, voters had the option to support the projects "DXF/DWG Import" and "multi-attribute editor". These two projects, however, got fewer votes than the above two accepted ones. Meanwhile the Kanton Basel Stadt stepped up to finance the project "multi-attribute editor" - thank you very much! We also still hope that financial commitments for the remaining approx. 10k € of the DXF/DWG import project can be received.

Following are a few details about the accepted sponsoring project:

QGIS 3.0 "PyQGIS Updater"

  • Continuous integration (Travis) - tests for both "Python2/PyQT4" as well as "Python 3/PyQT5".
  • Introduction of a compatibility layer that allows plugin authors to support both Python 2 and Python 3 from the same plugin code
  • Plugin migration tool - extension of the 2to3 Python upgrade tool with QGIS-specific "fixers" (extensions)
  • Updates of plugin manager, Python console, Python unit tests and processing to support both Python 2 and Python 3

This project will be implemented by Matthias Kuhn (OpenGIS).

Geopackage improvements

  • Support of circular arcs in the geopackage format - in addition to the simple feature geometry types, the following geometry types will be supported:
  • Support for creation of new geopackage layers (menu layer --> Create layer --> New Geopackage layer). This will support to either create a new geopackage file, or add to an existing file.
  • Ability to delete tables in a geopackage file in the DB-Manager
  • Ability to load geopackage tables without geometry

This project will be implemented by company Sourcepole.

We thank both the Swiss QGIS users for their financial support, but also the two companies in advance for their efforts in these two projects!